Sunday, March 15, 2009

Special Forces #4 Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Special Forces #4, about which I write the following sentences: "Issue #4 takes this series -- which is an over-the-top lampoon of the American military in the 21st century -- and amplifies it to the extreme. Baker's twin prongs of narrative assault in this comic have been (1) to satirize the recruitment and deployment of the mentally challenged by the military, and (2) to frame that satire within a thrilling, lascivious, gratuitous war action story. This issue focuses far more on the latter than the former. It's an all-out battle between a scantily-clad Felony (the bad-ass girl with the sassy attitude) and the forces of those-who-hate-freedom. Baker's use of the phrase 'Mission Accomplished' gains hilarious potency in context."

Read the entire review HERE.

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