Monday, March 23, 2009

Jack Kirby's The Losers Review

Recently reviewed by me at CBR: Jack Kirby's The Losers, about which I write the following sentences: "A Robert Kanigher creation from a 1970 issue of 'Our Fighting Forces' (well, the characters had appeared in various war comics over the years, but they didn't star in their own series until then), the Losers were a special forces team that served all around the world. Like some kind of WWII version of the Village People, they had representatives from each of the branches of the armed forces, and their bad luck always put their fat in the fire. Or so the internet tells me. If I had to go by the contents of 'Jack Kirby's The Losers' alone, then I would just think this series was about four generic soldiers and their insane wartime adventures. But because it's Bronze Age Jack Kirby, the insanity is at a glorious peak."

Read the entire review HERE.


B. Woodworth said...

I've got the entire Jack Kirby Fourth World hardcovers and they are a nice looking set. Not so sure about the pulpier paper, though, especially with that price tacked onto these collections.

I'm looking into the Demon volume with some interest, though. I have no clue on how Kirby's take delineates from Alan Moore/Alan Grant version.

Timothy Callahan said...

Kirby's Demon is good, but like a lot of Kirby stuff, it's the supporting characters that make it work -- the Demon himself is not that strong of a character in Kirby's hands. He looks awesome, of course.

Bill Reed said...

The Fourth World and OMAC books were capital-B Brilliant. I skipped the Demon, with intentions to get it one day. But yeah, the Losers is on its way in the mail, and I am very excited. I had never heard of this one before, and am interested in seeing how mad it is.