Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Similarly Profound Thoughts from the Father of a Five-Year-Old

Before I went to sleep, I couldn't help but think: "What if a 5th-dimensional imp had a palindrome for a name? Mister Retsim would be really easy for Superman to defeat."


Marc Caputo said...

I don't know what level of profundity this is, but here goes: At my previous job, when I would drive to work, if I couldn't get into a spot, I would say to myself, "If I was Magneto, I would so move this car to and that car fro and get myself that spot."

Then, like a half hour later, I'd realize, "Stupid me! If I was Magneto, I could just fly to work by manipulating the ... what ever he did to fly."

And then feel really geeky.

Bryce Menard said...

That's how Superman defeated Stanley Yelnats.

James said...

marc: In the comics they do all kinds of stupid shit (like having him use the iron atoms in a person's blood to take control of their body), but I always wonder how he's flying in the (generally quite restrained) first X-Men movie. I like to think he has metal-soled shoes.

And I often contemplate exactly how much quicker it would be to web-sling to work.

Shecky Shabazz said...

Hey, what about Zack Snyder thinking "Hey, Watchmen . . . not enough Matrix in that!" and then getting the go ahead to go and make one of the most bloated and ridiculous superhero movies of all time?

I just came back from a press screening, and jeez . . . Alan Moore must be spinning in his bed. Or not. Because he probably had the bright idea not to go see it.

I won't advise you not to go see it - not only because I know you will anyway, but also because it's fascinating to see how different another person's impression of a comic book is from your own - but I'd strongly advise you not to pay for it.

Three good things has come out of this:
1.) It is more apparent than ever how good Dave Gibbons is.
2.) Gibbons gets some of the money he should have gotten from sales of the book.
3.) People will realize comics are better than films.

md said...

Marc: I do the exact same thing.

Shecky: "People will realize comics are better than films."

Depends on the type of film and comic. Some stories work better as films, etc.

Shecky Shabazz said...

I was kidding. But I have a vague hope that this could perhaps convince the mainstream media that super hero comics have worth as something more than storyboards and blueprints for hollywood films.

Dave said...

Or would he be really hard for Superman to defeat?