Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Real Problem With Comics Today

Not enough cheap "novelty" stabbing implements for sale. (Advertisement from 1942's "Target Comics" #7, which I'm reading for the Basil Wolverton "Space Hawk" installment because you can never have enough "Space Hawk.)

Why Al T. Tude makes the cover and Space Hawk doesn't is a mystery for the ages. Probably conceived by the same geniuses who think selling knives to little kids is a swell idea!


Bruce Castle said...

Nice post. I once read a comic with an ad for cigarettes that had several promises from doctors that the cigarettes could cure a sore throat.

Screw the overused, Lichtenstein-esque dots. To make a comic feel old, you should insert zany ads about knives and cigarettes.

B. Woodworth said...

They should do a "where are they now" for Mac, the effete on the beach, of Charles Atlas ad fame. Granted, I guess he just went on to become Flex Mentallo in My Greenest Adventure #159, so mystery solved.