Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Final Crisis Dialogues

Chad Nevett and I have discussed every issue of "Final Crisis" since the beginning, and we've chatted about the Morrison-penned spin-offs as well. The discussions used to be available at, as part of our "Splash Page" column.

Sadly, is temporarily inactive, and it looks to stay that way for another month or so.

But in anticipation of the grand finale of "Final Crisis," Chad and I have made our previous discussions available for your reading pleasure. Check it all out over at "The Final Crisis Dialogues."

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Anonymous said...

Tim, I take it you've seen the Morrison interview--can't remember where I read it--where he said he had originally intended to kill off Damian at the end of Batman and Son, then realized he was a good character and wanted to have him play a big part in the "15-part [chapter?] Batman novella" being written.

1) More evidence Morrison had a plan from the beginning but
a) that it changed once (using Damian)
b) and again, as Damian didn't really play much of a part.