Friday, May 22, 2009

Review: Killapalooza #1

When Adam Beechen moved from television writer to Johnny DC writer, I said, "great." Then when he moved from Johnny DC writer to "Teen Titans" scribe, I rooted for him. I thought he would be a great addition to the "Countdown" crew.

As it turned out, "Countdown" was a disaster that dragged nearly everyone involved into the DC gutters. (Sean McKeever and Tony Bedard certainly didn't make it out unscathed, either.) And Beechen's "Teen Titans" was widely considered the weakest run on this incarnation of the series.

But I was glad to hear about Beechen bouncing back with a new series from Wildstorm, drawn by the quite-good Trevor Hairsine. Hairsine's work on Paul Cornell's "Wisdom" series was fantastic, at least until he dropped out of the project (or was pushed out), and I looked forward to seeing what he could do on something with the unlikely name of "Killapalooza."

Unfortunately, the first issue is not very good. Not very good at all. Read my review, and find out why: Killapalooza #1

"Oww, my eye," indeed.


Bill Reed said...

So you're saying the world may still accept *my* rock-band-that-is-secretly-a-pack-of-killers idea, so long as it's far more readable. Hurrah!

Timothy Callahan said...

You won't be facing much competition from this series, I assure you.

A part of me also doubts that this series will conclude in a timely manner. So when issues 5 and 6 are delayed until late 2010, your series can slip right in and satisfy that deep rock band/assassin need.

malpractice said...

i liked Beechen's run on Robin quite a bit, and kept his name in mind as one to look out for in the future but like you said everything he has written since has just not been very good.

Although, I believe his OGN "Dugout" did get a lot of good reviews but i have yet to check it out.

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