Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guess Who's Sliding to Mondays?

Now that Rich Johnston's FINAL "Lying in the Gutters" column has come out, I can finally talk about a secret plan that's been brewing over at CBR:

Yup, my "When Words Collide" column will move to the Monday slot beginning next week!

Obviously, I'm not any kind of replacement for Rich, and "WWC" will continue to feature the same kind of insightful/random/witty/serious/arch/dorky commentary that you're used to seeing from me, but it will be cool to be the Monday CBR guy from now on.

And, no, I'm certainly not the "next big thing" Jonah mentions in Rich's column -- I do know what that is, and it will definitely be a popular addition to the CBR site, but I'm sworn to secrecy -- but that particular new addition will not be popping up on Mondays. Mondays are all mine!

Aw yeah, Mondays!

Oh, and if you have any suggestions for topics/questions that you'd like me to tackle in "WWC," let me know. This week's final Wednesday column is based on the reader-requested "Worst Morrison Comics Ever" topic.


Patrick said...

Worst Morrison comics? There no bad Morrison comics, of course! But seriously, for me, it's got to be his work on the pretty dire Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul crossover.

Timothy Callahan said...

Yes! Although I went by runs, not by individual issues, so those fall under the overall good Batman run.

But the Ra's al Ghul thing is atrocious, certainly.

Eric Rupe said...

I would see a "What Makes Spider-Man Work" column after reading your Grand Nemesis Theory column.

Rich Johnston said...

And of course for those still craving a little LITG action... www.BleedingCool.com

Bruce Castle said...

"But the Ra's al Ghul thing is atrocious, certainly."

Not to be a Morrison apologist, I was the one who asked for the "Worst Morrison" list, but those two or three Morrison Ra's tie-ins were actually ok.

Although, that was when Daniel started on the book. So, if that Ra's "event" had never happened, Tony Daniel wouldn't have been on Batman! And then he couldn't have been on Battle for the Cowl, right? It would have saved comic book fans millions!

Not to be a topic hog, Tim, but I'm interested in and resspect your opinion. So, I'll probably ask for many a future column. Of course, I can't think of any right now, but soon!

Matthew E said...

Oh, and if you have any suggestions for topics/questions that you'd like me to tackle in "WWC," let me know.No idea if this is the kind of thing you'd be interested in tackling, but do you remember the "Amateur Art Appreciation" articles Ragnell used to do at Newsarama and on her own blog? Those were awesome and I miss them.

Streebo said...

Congratz on the move, Tim!

Shecky Shabazz said...

I think the idea you mentioned about looking at the evolution of the decompressed comic by comparing issues of the same comic from four or five decades would make for a good column.

Also, what about a guide to the work of Peter Milligan? He's made some of the best comics of the 90's and 00's. As well as some of the most bland and pointless ones. And some really mediocre ones.

Personally, I'm getting into 2000ad and british comics at the moment, and I would love a guide to good brit comics. In a way they're very similar to american ones, but there's a very different sensibility as well. Besides, people need to know about the amazingness of D'israeli's new art style.

Patrick said...

Congrats on the move to Mondays,

On your recent article..

On my Blog I recently posted a little highlight of my favorite Morrson comic which was actually from the 1,000,000 Giant Size.

I have to stand by the 8-page "Crisis One MIllion" being one of Mr. Morrison's great short works. Not only does it showcase his grasp of continuity it also shows a true love of the multiple iterations of the DC Universe. In fact, I feel that some of the tropes hit upon in Final Crisis are hinted at in this work.

You have often noted how he can be self-referential in his writing, and this is a prime example of that working very well. The multiverse, the fantastic nature of comics, and the best aspects of his team mechanics are all touched upon in eight pages.

And it has giant monkeys!

RAB said...

Yeah, I'm also going to have to join in with some love for DC One Million. For me, that's the one that worked in every way FC did not.

I'm sure you must be right about Steed and Mrs. Peel but I'm still obliged to read it someday due to the impact of those characters on my childhood development.

Bruce Castle said...

"Yeah, I'm also going to have to join in with some love for DC One Million. For me, that's the one that worked in every way FC did not."

Well, Final Crisis worked in every way. So, DC One Million didn't work at all then, did it?

As for my comments on your recent WWC, Tim: I read it, of course, but I'll wait until you post the link on your blog to comment on it.

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