Saturday, May 03, 2008

Glamourpuss, Dc Universe, Legion, and So Much More Hit THE SPLASH PAGE

Sometimes a whole stack of comics is worth talking about more than a single, important issue. That's how Chad Nevett and I felt this week, and so we explore the schizophrenia of Dave Sim's Glamourpuss #1, the tease-ery of DC Universe #0, Shooter's new direction for the Legion as exemplified by Legion of Super-Heroes #41, Matt Fraction's take on the Thunder God in Thor: Ages of Thunder, and we don't even stop there. Chad challenges me to name some entry-level Legion comics, and I divert the question with skill. We also don't really like everything that came out this week, and we let you know about it.

All this, and as always, more, in the transnational Splash Page!

If you didn't click on the link above, you can click it HERE.

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Chad Nevett said...

Remember how when we began this column, we joked about always agreeing? And then, ever since, we've done nothing but disagree, basically (okay, we agree sometimes, but we usually gloss over that stuff in favour of disagreeing).

That amuses me.