Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cronin's Top 100 Runs List Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

Since Brian Cronin has now completely revealed the consensus Top 100 Favorite Runs of All Time list, Chad Nevett and I felt it was our duty to tell people how wrong they were about their favorite comics.

Actually, we mostly just act surprised to see Sandman take the #1 slot, even though I like the series quite a bit and Chad's too young to appreciate quality when he sees it.

By the way, this image is from Kirby's Sandman which is much more visually interesting than the Dave McKean shelving covers. I mean, I liked the shelving and the oil paintings when I was 20, because I thought it helped make comics look "serious" and "important," but in retrospect, it's just a bunch of junk on some shelves and this bright yellow-and-red dream-punch by Kirby just blows it off the comic book stands.

So if you want to read Chad and I intelligently dissecting that Top 100 Runs list, and making fun of stuff that's on it, and telling you how everything would be better if people would only listen to us, read this week's installment of The Splash Page.

If, for some reason, you want to click here, well, click HERE.


Seth said...

I thought that a run was a set of issues of a series by a specific writer and/or artist, not books like Preacher, etc. that had the same creative team throughout.

That rules out about half of that list as 'series' and not 'runs'.

Timothy Callahan said...

Yeah, that's what "run" usually means, although in this case, Brian Cronin considered it any lengthy stay by a creator on an ongoing series.

Makes for a more interesting list if you don't rule out the creators who did ever issue of a series, I think. Why eliminate them from competition just because they did every issue?

But I do know what you mean.

Chad Nevett said...

I can't find Sandman kind of meh without it being because I'm 25? That's ageism, Tim. Not cool.

Marc Caputo said...

Chad: Sandman IS awesome. Get on it. You won't be disappointed.

Timothy Callahan said...

Well, Chad, you kids today with your Atari's and your Cellular Phones just don't have the sophisticated awareness that the older generation has. I know Sandman has a lot of words in it, but give it time.

Chad Nevett said...

Marc: Six volumes is quite enough. Maybe I'll pick up the last four someday, but there are many, many other things to get beforehand.

And Tim: I don't own a cell phone.