Saturday, May 31, 2008

Final Crisis #1 Hits THE SLASH PAGE

Last summer I expressed my annoyance at the announcement of Jim Starlin's The Death of the New Gods. I said to Chris Marshall, of Collected Comics Libarary fame, that the only good that could possibly come of Starlin's series was a chance for Grant Morrison to revamp the New Gods in whatever crossover series he reportedly was working on. This was well before any Final Crisis details were announced--even the title was still a secret back then. But I hoped he would somehow resurrect the New Gods in the major 2008 event. Now, here we are, Chad Nevett and I, looking at the first issue of Final Crisis. Does it live up to my expectations? Does Chad's roommate love it as much as he does? Are you an idiot if you don't read it yourself?

All these questions and more may or may not be indirectly discussed in the newest installment of the internet's longest-running Chad and Tim discussion column: The Splash Page.

So go forth. Read our commentary. Click here.


Chad Nevett said...

...I liked Starlin's Death of the New Gods.

Timothy Callahan said...

Yeah, I don't, but I was reacting more to the concept of the Death of the New Gods than the actual series anyway. I was annoyed that DC thought the characters had to die for some reason. The notion that it was a way to put these Kirby concepts "to rest," as Starlin said in interviews, just pissed me off. Kirby concepts are filled with energy! It's just that mediocre creators keep misusing them.