Friday, February 29, 2008

A Discussion About Everything Hits THE SPLASH PAGE

Chad Nevett and I celebrate our fourth consecutive installment of's increasingly-popular SPLASH PAGE column by talking about what's good and what's bad in comics today. See this Godland cover? That's not mentioned, but the comic book is, and do you think it's one of the bad ones or one of the good ones?

The answer may surprise you.

Oh, wait. No, it won't. Even Judd Winick must know that Godland is good.

Read "Iron Fist, Joe Casey, and the State of the Art" today, on THE SPLASH PAGE!


Chad Nevett said...

You went fucking link crazy with this column... excellent job! Why merely blind them with the brilliance of this column when they can bask in the collective wisdom of our past brilliances? (And that may not actually be correct English, but I don't care.)

Timothy Callahan said...

I know. Maybe our next column should be us talking about our favorite old blog posts, and then we can link that shit up.

Or not.

Timothy Callahan said...

Also, I was inspired by Douglas Wolk, who, when I did one of these types of columns with him, threw a link or two in every paragraph.

Of course he didn't link to his own stuff, but linking to other people's stuff just seems like false humility to me. I mean, do car commercials stop in the middle and tell you about another product from another company you should buy?

And, more people should read our blogs, dammit.

Chad Nevett said...

Damn right.

I've always had a problem with citing other people, though. Never really saw the point (except to avoid being accused of stealing ideas). I'm trying to show how brilliant I am--not promote some other dude for free.

...would it be wrong if we told people we'd link them for money? And do you think anyone would actually pay?

Marc Caputo said...

Wow - I don't know what Winick knows.

THAT'S a T-Shirt for sure.

Timothy Callahan said...

Wait--you don't know that Godland is good?

And "I don't know what Winick knows" is a pretty great slogan. Let's sell that t-shirt.

Marc Caputo said...

In my head, I'm going through all the permutations of "I Don't Know What Winick Knows", punching a different word each time.

It's crazy, man! (favorite - punch the 'What'. Hard.)

Seriously, though. Over at Sequart, I posted that I'm not a big fan of Godland. I'll continue to monitor it, picking up the tpbs, but I'm not gaga over it (like I am Casanova, even though I like other Fraction more)

Timothy Callahan said...

My take on Godland is that a. I'd love to see an ongoing Marvel comic actually done in that style (of art and writing), and b. the art (as much as I love it) may actually hurt your ability to appreciate the comic, because the automatic assumption is that it will be Kirby-esque. But imagine the same characters, settings, themes, etc, drawn by someone without such a pastiche style. Someone like Stuart Immonen, or Dave Gibbons, or Olivier Coipel. Would such a comic be fantastic?

Don't let the Kirby look ruin your appreciation for what Joe Casey's doing.

Timothy Callahan said...

And regarding the Winick slogan, I like to punch the final word, "Knows." It makes it seem like he's got a dark, dark secret.

Chad Nevett said...

Tim, Marvel needs to do one thing:

Casey. Ladronn. Fantastic Four.

Tell me you wouldn't buy that.