Friday, April 13, 2007

Five Topics for Friday

Topic # 1: Ryan McLelland of Newsarama expressed some interest in doing something for my Legion book, and he mentioned this Sequart-related anecdote in his e-mail to Editor Mike Phillips: "BY THE BY...I was reading The Grant Morrison book at the dr's office and when i looked away...someone stole it! I was sorta mad...but kind of happy that someone had enough interest in grant morrison that someone actually wanted to steal and read it...laugh..." I'm pretty proud of the first reported crime committed regarding my Grant Morrison book. Am I wrong to think it's cool that someone wanted my book enough to steal it? I just hope it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. Seriously, don't do drugs or steal books, kids.

Topic #2: The Legion of Super-Heroes is my life these days, and I'm happy to report that nearly 20 writers have now expressed sincere interest and/or submitted proposals for Legion essays. This book is going to be badder than badass, folks. (And, hey, we still need more writers. So let me know...)

Topic #3: My Son's Monster Drawing inspired by Sam Hiti and company's Fist-A-Cuffs battles. If you don't know about Fist-A-Cuffs, it's basically just drawings of monsters , but the cool part is that one guy draws a monster, then another guy draws a monster, then people vote on who they think would win. After dinner, I told my six year-old son about this game, and we each drew a monster then talked about who would win. I drew a mutated rooster beast, but he drew a monster using the head of a vampire he held in his fist as a weapon which was cool enough to beat my monster as it was, but then he pointed to the triangles coming out of the vampire head as he explained than not only could the vampire head bite my monster, but he had a rocket launcher in the vampire brain. If that's not the most unbeatable monster, then I don't know what is.

Topic #4: Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham was a shockingly dense comic book. I found my old copies as I was climbing through the longboxes this week, and I gave them to my son. I tried reading one out loud to him last night and we couldn't even get through it. The characters droned on and on and there was just an unbelievable amount of exposition. These were actually my brother's issues now that I think about it, but I bought all of his comic books off of him when he went to college. Did he actually read these as a kid? Let me know, bro. By the way, the issue I tried to read last night was written by the legendary Steve Skeates and drawn by the even more legendary Fred Hembeck. That sounds like a cool creative team, but nope, it just doesn't work.

Topic #5: Moustache Awareness Day may or may not be a "real" holiday somewhere, but I celebrate it today, the day we leave for April vacation. And not only did I grow an amazing handlebar 'stache this year, but I posted Fun Moustache Facts around the school (without administrative permission--I'm crazy that way). Here's a sampling: "Moustache Fun Fact #841: The moustache was created by Julius Caesar in 1581 as a weapon against Napoleon," and "Moustache Fun Fact #297: In Zanzibar, the moustache is called 'el tigre del fuego.'"

Happy Moustache Awareness Day!


Ultimate Matt said...

The vampire brain rocket launcher sounds formidable indeed; just when you think you're safe since he's too far away to bite you, BAM! There goes a missile between the eyes. That's tight.

((Ray)) said...

I remember Peter Porker. Captain Americat and the X-Bugs and Goose Rider and Iron Monkey. (was it Iron Monkey? that one I'm not sure on) Honestly, the only good issues were the ones from What The?! but the 'kiddie' books weren't very interesting. Like you say, Silver-Agey expository for no reason

Stolen subversive books? Abbie Hoffman would be proud.
Good luck on the Legion book! May millions of copies get stolen yet may you still make a profit

Anonymous said...

I went to see an exhibition by Scottish artist David Shrigley the other day, and one of his drawings was a poster for "Moustasche awareness day". It didn't have a date, though. But now I know. :-)