Saturday, May 19, 2007

Keeping the Kevin Colden meme alive

I've written about Kevin Colden on this blog a few times before. He is, after all, the cover artist for my Grant Morrison book.
And he's not only a great artist, but he's a super-cool guy as well. Now he's famous, of course, for being the guy who REFUSED Xeric award money. Who refuses money? Kevin Colden, that's who. And he did so with style. I hope Fishtown gets him a big contract and his work becomes collected in pretty hardcover books someday soon. He deserves it.

Here he is last February at the 2007 New York Comic-Con, surveying a mid-80's photocopy of Legion of Super-Heroes members so he could draw his FIRST EVER CONVENTION SKETCH. That's right, people. I own the very first convention sketch ever drawn by the Xeric-rejecting, badass Kevin Colden. Or so he said at the time, anyway. But obviously he's a man of his word.

Here's what he drew. Supergirl, 1986-style. He really wanted to emphasize the "bouffant hairdo" as he called it. I told him not to forget the headband. Or the shoulder-pad thingies. The result is pure Colden. His first convention sketch. And it's all mine. Don't touch it.