Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What Will Wednesday Bring?

I'm going to take a bold stand and PREDICT what I will and will not enjoy about each comic book I purchase tomorrow. And I'll give them a grade SIGHT UNSEEN, which is really stupid, I know, but I want to see how my expectations match my real experience. Later in the week, I'll let you know if I was right.

52 #48: I'll like the build-up toward WWIII. I won't like the "smooth criminal" Montoya/Question. Predicted Grade: B

Atom #10: I'll like the inventive use of his powers. I won't like anything to do with any characters named "Panda." Predicted Grade: B-

American Virgin #13: I'll like the art if Cloonan draws it. I won't like the story very much if it's just more of the same. Predicted Grade: C

Detective Comics #831: Dini's back for this one? If so, I'll like the story. I have no idea what I won't like. This issue's really a mystery to me. Harley Quinn? We'll see... Predicted Grade: B

Jonah Hex #18: Why am I still buying this comic? I don't know. Maybe I'll drop it. The art's been nice recently. This is another Noto issue so I'll probably end up getting it. Predicted Grade: C

Justice League of America #7: I don't care what you haters say, this is a good series so far. I won't like the Image-style art all that much, but I like what Meltzer's been doing on this title. I don't love it, but I like it. Predicted Grade: A-

Justice League Unlimited #32: Darkseid in the house! I really like the art in JLU, even if the stories can be a bit thin (even for little kids). But, Darkseid? Hell, yeah. Predicted Grade: A-

Midnighter #6: This one's been pretty good so far, but even with the violence it seems weightless. I want to see something with a bit more heft to it. Some real threat to Midnighter. I'll like it if it's got that. Predicted Grade: B-

Scalped #4: I liked the first two issues, but I didn't much like #3. I'll like the art on this issue, but I won't like the story unless there's an additional twist to it. Predicted Grade: C

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #28: I'm going to like every bit of this. I'll predict that it will be the BEST OF THE WEEK. Why? I'm in a hardcore LSH phase right now and I'm loving everything Legion. Predicted Grade: A

Superman #661: This is some kind of fill-in issue, I think. I'll probably be disappointed, although I have enjoyed all the Superman titles for the past year or so (except for that one Superman-as-messiah-to-the-black-woman issue). Predicted Grade: C+

Superman/Batman #33: Meh. I actually enjoyed the insanity of the Loeb/McGuinness run. It didn't make much sense, but it was full of stuff. These Verheiden issues are just plain. Maybe he'll end it with a bang. Predicted Grade: C+

Welcome to Tranquility #5: This series gets better every issue. I'm looking forward to this one! I won't like it if nothing is resolved, though. Because we're do for a climax and a conclusion. Predicted Grade: B+

Marvel Zombies vs. the Army of Darkness #2: The first issue was fun, especially the scene where Ash visited Avengers Mansion. I'm sure this issue will be just page after page of carnage and wisecracks. Sounds good to me. Predicted Grade: B+

Madman Atomic Comics #1: Will my store even have copies of this? We'll see. I love Allred, though, so I'm looking forward to it. Predicted Grade: A-

Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus #2: I never even saw issue #1 of this. But since I bought all the other Annihilation stuff, if #1 is at the store, I'll probably pick up issue #2 as well. If not, I'll skip it. Predicted Grade: ???

Avengers: The Initiative #1: I have no idea what this title's about. But, like a sucker, I'll buy it because it's Avengers-related (even if the Avengers bear no resemblance to what I think of as Avengers). And, you know what? I don't really like Dan Slott's writing that much. I've read nothing by him that I really enjoyed, even though everyone tells me how funny he is. It's not really that funny, guys. It's kind of obvious humor. Maybe I need to see more of his work. Predicted Grade: B-

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger #3: I will NOT be buying this title. Reason #1: Stephen King is really a poor writer. People always recommend his work as well, and it's just bad. I've read Firestarter (bad) and the Gunslinger book (really, really bad) and I just don't get his popularity. Pick a page from one of his books at random. Read that page aloud. I guarantee you'll hit an awkward phrase or two or some jarring construction that stops you cold. Ugh. And yes, I know Peter David's writing this series, but I was so disgusted by the atrocity of the Gunslinger novel, that I couldn't possibly pay money for this series unless the art was phenomenal...which it should be except for Reason #2: Richard Isanove. His airbrushy "painting" over Jae Lee's artwork softens everything and makes it look like it was photographed through a filter. Lee is a great artist, BECAUSE of his stark use of blacks and crisp lines. Making it all fuzzy takes away everything that you'd want to see i na Jae Lee book. So, yeah, I won't be buying this.

Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America--Wolverine: That's a long title! So it's gotta be good! I'll like it if something happens. I won't like it if Wolverine just walks around talking in VO about what Captain America "stood for." But I'm afraid of the latter. Predicted Grade: C+

Hulk and Power Pack #2: Power Pack is my son's favorite comic book. So he'll love this. I think this Hulk series is a gigantic drop down in quality over the last few series, though. I mean, the last series had Katie Power turn into Venom (complete with pigtails!) and this series has weaker art (from David WIlliams) and a weaker supporting character (in the Hulk). My son will no doubt give it Grade: Infinity. I will give it Predicted Grade: B-

Iron Fist #4: David Aja's quite a mood-setting artist. I like his work a lot. And I like the idea of the generational Iron Fists. It's all good. Predicted Grade: A-

Ant-Man #7: This is probably my favorite Marvel comic book. And it doesn't have much longer to live. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you buy it. It's excellent all around. If I wasn't such a Legion freak, this would probably be Best of the Week. Predicted Grade: A

Ms. Marvel #14: This is a really good series as well, though you wouldn't know it by the porn covers. It's well-written (even if it did get screwy during Civil War) and it's got a strong theme. I'll like it if it's not sidetracked too much by the Initiative. Predicted Grade: B

Omega Flight #1: Am I going to buy this? It's a toss-up. I don't like the lineup at all (either creatively or character-wise), but I like the concept of Alpha Flight enough to check out this title. On one hand, I could skip it because I'm buying soooo much stuff this week, but on the other hand, I could throw it on the pile because, hey, what's another 3 bucks when you're shelling out $80? Predicted Grade: TBD--I'll guess a B-

Runaways #25: The first Whedon issue. I think I'll like it, although the Michael Ryan art seems like a big departure. If he keeps the look crisp, I'll like it. Predicted Grade: B+

I'll also be skipping the Legion Showcase book, because I have the Archives already and I just can't imagine the Legion even being readable in black and white. It demands color!

But, yeah, I'm going to be getting a lot of stuff this week. I need to cut back, desperately. Maybe I'll drop anything I end up giving a C or less too. We'll see if I have enough willpower.

Check back in a few days to see if these comics surpassed my expectations!!!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting experiment on the predictability of a comic based on hype, previous issues and writer/artist. With such tantalizing unknowns how can you stop buying anything? Totally Biased - James Arlemagne: local purveyor of sequential art.