Monday, April 19, 2010

Splash Page Podcast Episode 12.1: Frank Miller! More!

The booze, the broads, and the bullets -- we talk about them all in this week's Splash Page episode. It's Frank Miller, non-stop. Except for all the time we spend talking about other things. Like our new theme song. And MoCCA. And other things.

Besides that, it's Chad and I talking about Frank Miller and why I don't think the "Wolverine" miniseries is very good. And more!

LISTEN: Splash Page Podcast Episode 12.1!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this podcast and it brought back a question I was thinking of a while back that you might be able to answer.

Sometimes when I bring up my reactions to movies or whatever, I can get strange reactions as if I have spent too much time thinking about it. But I normally don't even think about my reactions until im in the middle of the conversation. I wonder if some people think movie reviewers, for example, spend more time making mental notes than watching the actual movie.

I think you talked about it a little bit but ill still ask. As a professional reviewer when your reading a comic book are you making mental, or maybe even physical, notes about what is done good or badly? Are there some times when you dont even think about those sorts of things until you sit down to write the reviews?

Timothy Callahan said...

Great question! I'll bring it up in the next episode.

Bruce Castle said...

Man, I should really comment more than I do, but I'm busy, you're busy, and so on...

Anywho, did you read Brave and the Bold this week? I only bring it up because it flew under my radar, too, but I think you're a big Cliff Chiang fan.

It's written by JMS, and I was so happy to hear you criticize him in some recent episode. He's not terrible on this issue.

Just a thought. Maybe an opportunity to profess your love for Cliff Chiang on the show.