Sunday, February 07, 2010

Splash Page Podcast Episode 3: Ghosty, Clandestiny

One episode a week from now on. That's all you're getting, and it will be damn good. This week, Chad Nevett and I talk about Jason Aaron's now-concluded "Ghost Rider" run, Alan Davis and vague memories of "Clandestine," the true protagonists of "Secret Warriors," and some other gems of wisdom, I'm sure.

Listen, learn, love.

Splash Page Podcast Episode 3!


Jim Livesay said...

Terrific show. But the brief, spontaneous discussion of best Marvel runs in the past several years left me wondering-- what would each of you consider the best DC runs in the past several years?

Timothy Callahan said...

Chad, a topic for next week!

Zyargeikunn said...

Commented before in Chad's blog, but again: Your daughter's fame is international, there's an issue with her rating at a store in Hamburg, Germany on the wall with new releases.

The transitions in the podcast are becoming professional (or the editing is Oscar worthy...there is even a category for sound editing) and I loved the bit where you described the underworld.

Rick said...

I made the comment last week about the 30 issues for Secret Warriors

and I took that info from an interview on CBR
"Secret Warriors" is a finite series, and once the "Wake the Beast" arc wraps, Hickman will be almost halfway through the tale he wants to tell. "I guess you could say the midpoint is between issues #16-19, but that's a bit inaccurate because of how things really start to accelerate as we move forward.

I guess I may have taken what he said too literally but you never know

Timothy Callahan said...

Cool, thanks guys!

Jim Livesay said...

Re: Secret Warriors-- I remember Hickman saying something on point in his recent Word Balloon interview. He said something about the "last trade" that would conclude the series, and I believe he said it would be the 5th or 6th trade-- so that sounds like roughly 30-36 issues.
(Sorry but I'm far too lazy to go listen to the Word Balloon to get an exact quote.)

Chad Nevett said...

Huh. I'm curious to see how it all works out with that short of a story planned. That's almost more interesting than a longer series would be.

And I only edited out three pieces of conversation:

1) Something I said that I didn't like. Literally under 10 seconds.

2) Around ten minutes of us talking about something that was easily cut.

3) The 40 minutes or so we spent talking after the podcast itself was finished, but before we did the outro/conclusion. I didn't listen to that stuff, because it wasn't meant to be listened to. It was only recorded because of the program I use to record our conversation. I will say that the thing I enjoy most about the podcast is those after-recording chats with Tim.

DAL said...

You mean Hit-Monkey is a real series? Oh god, I thought it was just a ridiculous "for-example" thing that you guys made up last time. Things are even worse than I thought...

As for top five Marvel runs of the past few years, Whedon and Cassaday's Astonishing has to figure in there. It would personally be my number one, though it's hard to argue with what Brubaker did with the first 40 or so issues of Cap (it's fallen off since then). I don't think either of them are outright flawless classics, though. The finale of Astonishing was poorly constructed and the worse issue of the series, unfortunately.

Good podcast, guys.

Jim Livesay said...

@DAL- I agree with you as to Whedon and Cassaday's Astonishing being very good, and to its finale being pretty bad... particularly as to how easily Reed Richards and the rest of the Marvel big-brains gave up on rescuing Kitty. I mean, seriously, she was on a bullet-- Reed couldn't calculate the trajectory and rescue her within a few hours...?

Anyway, I think a big part of Astonishing's legacy as one of the better series in the last 5 years, comes from it's being a long (and excellent) run by a consistent creative team. Both those elements are important to me-- (a) long run and (b) steady creative team.

I wonder, when looking across the street to DC, what books in the past 5 years or so would hit both those markers (while also being generally excellent). All-Star Superman, obviously, was of extremely high quality, and from one creative team (perhaps the best creative team in comics). And I suppose it qualifies as a "long run"? Long enough to land in the top runs of the past 5 years I'd say.

But what else? Seems like DC has been the Wild West, with people coming on and off books, and few books maintaining high levels for long periods.

I'd have to rule out Batman and Robin-- just not long enough yet, and the severe drop in art (and possibly writing) quality after the first arc really hurt.

Likewise, Rucka/Williams on Detective-- not long enough, and the book doesn't rise to nearly the same heights with Jock (nothing against Jock).

I did love the Johns/Frank run on Action Comics, so maybe I'd throw that out there.

Oh, Gotham Central-- that ran from February 03, so 7 years ago, until April 06-- less than 4 years ago. Terrific writing and art, by the same 2 writers and 1 artist.

Timothy Callahan said...

Astonishing wouldn't make my Top 5 Marvel runs of the past 5 years. But it would make my Top 10.

Anonymous said...

Just listened all the 2nd an 3rd podcasts
Donkey Kong approves.


Rick said...

I didn't like Astonishing, probably the same reason I haven't like many X Men runs since Here Comes Tomorrow Ended

If I had to make a list of 5

Guardians of the Galaxy
Iron Fist
Ghost Rider
Punisher (Remender)
Secret Warriors / Captain America

Timothy Callahan said...

The correct answer is:

1. Nextwave
2. Captain America
3. Ghost Rider
4. Iron Fist
5. Thunderbolts

Which contradicts what I said in the podcast because I changed my mind. I can do that.

Chad Nevett said...

1. Garth Ennis's Punisher MAX
2. Nextwave
3. Ellis's Thunderbolts
4. Brubaker's Captain America
5. Hickman's Secret Warriors

Timothy Callahan said...

Secret Warriors might be my #6.

But maybe the Order would be #6 instead.

Punisher MAX would be #9.

Jim Livesay said...

My two cents:

1. Captain America (Brubaker)
2. Nextwave (Ellis)
3. Thunderbolts (Ellis)
4. Invincible Iron Man (Fraction)
5. Captain Britain (Cornell)

Need to finish Ennis' Punisher MAX run some day-- I think I've only read the first 1-2 trades.

S. Laz said...

I'd like to check out your podcast, but "Podomatic" won't allow it without "making a small donation." Maybe after I've heard a couple of episodes, but that can't happen if it can't be accessed...

Chad Nevett said...

Yeah, it's because we've used up our bandwidth for the month. It will be reset on March 2. Before then, the next couple of podcast episode will appear somewhere else. After March 2, there shouldn't be any problems, because we will be doing only one 40-60 minute episode per week. What put us over the limit was starting with three in the first week.

Anonymous said...

I love the show, but if I can make one comment: The voice of Chad is not loud enough to listen to the podcast in my car or in any other place with noise (sorry for my english, it's not my primary language) I don't know if it can be solved ?


S. Laz said...

Thanks, Chad. Fair enough. I'll check back for the next one. I've appreciated the Splash Page commentaries. They've helped point me to the higher quality corners of the comics landscape (especially Marvel, which I've never followed very closely). I don't have as much time (or desire) to sort the wheat from the chaff as I used to. The only Marvel runs I've read the last few years (and more or less enjoyed) are Guardians of the Galaxy, Secret Warriors, Punisher (Ennis), Invincible Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Brubaker's Daredevil, and Fraction's and Ellis's current X-Men runs. Nextwave, The Order, and Iron Fist are on the shelf. As you guys seem to like (most) of these, it looks like I should add Thunderbolts to the list. I'd look forward to the DC discussion--I've read a lot more of these runs, including some of the chaff, unfortunately!

Anonymous said...

re: world of New Krypton, which is barely touched on in the podcast...

Yes. It is banal, as Tim said. I also think it's one of the top 5-ish comics DC is putting out currently, which is problematic to me.

Past..4 months or so of DC Comics, in list format:

1) Batman & Robin
2) Geoff Johns GL-iverse
3) Detective Comics
4) Something
5) Sadly, World of New Krypton.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I guess all of Simone's output is better. But it's still in the top 10, which is probably bad.