Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Splash Page Podcast, Episode 2.3: Redeeming, Corrupting

You're right. Three episodes of "The Splash Page" podcast in one week is too much. Chad and I are like kids taking Uncle Steve's car for a spin, and we just took it too far, too fast.

We're going with the more traditional one-episode-per-week format from now on, which will allow us to (a) spend less time recording, (b) give Chad a break from so much editing and posting, (c) focus on quality over quantity.

Actually, part (c) probably isn't going to happen, as it will still just be us talking about whatever comic-related stuff comes across our desks that week. But we'll try to make it better. For the people.

One last huge chunk of Episode 2 for you to listen to, while you wait for next week's conversation to hit the streets. In this one, we talk about Mark Waid comics, and a whole lot of other stuff? If I remember correctly.

Splash Page Podcast Episode 2.3
! Listen and learn.


Chad Nevett said...

Well, it's REALLY (d) because we're too cheap to pay Podomatic for an account and need to conserve bandwidth... but those other reasons are good, too.

Rick said...

I loved the section on Hickman, and so you know Secret Warriors is a limited series that is ending with 30 issues and Shield is the ongoing. I think part of the reason that Shield will last is that Marvel will keep Hickman's pet projects alive while he is doing great things with Fantastic Four.