Sunday, August 19, 2007

Older Posts: The Highlight Reel

I've picked up a lot of new readers (like you) over the past two months, and the nature of blog reading is such that if a post is not on the front page, then it's usually ignored. So, here's a quick rundown of some goofy, insightful, scholarly, or asinine things (you can decide which is which) you may have missed from previous weeks:

My ill-fated attempt at a semi-regular recurring one-panel strip of great profundity: Superhero Leg One, Superhero Leg Two

Why Neal Adams pisses me off: The Deadman Hardcover

Artistic analysis that didn't end up fitting into my book after all, so I blogged about it instead: Steve Yeowell is good

A bit of an e-mail exchange called an "interview" with Grant Morrison's biographer: Craig McGill

A week of looking at "independent" creators I like a lot: Matt Fraction, James Kochalka, Dave Roman, Jeff Lemire, Bryan Lee O'Malley

And, even though it's recent stuff, don't forget to listen to the NEWEST EPISODE (what we like to call Ep. 2) of my podcast: Geniusboy Live On Demand Radio. It's even better than Geniusboy Live Ep. 1!


turborip said...

Wow, regarding that Deadman Collection...I've been eyeing it for years, as I thought it would make a great companion hardcover to the Green Lantern/Green Arrow slipcase I bought so long ago, but after seeing that I'm not so sure. I even saw it for half off the $75.00 price tag recently and still passed on it.

I don't recall anything that jarring in the GL/GA collection!

Timothy Callahan said...

I passed on GL/GA because I thought Adams might have fucked around with the interiors in that book as well. Did he not?

(I know he did with the Batman hardcovers, which I also passed on, once I saw how ugly and out-of-place the "reinked" Deadman stuff looked)

turborip said...

I thumbed through it again last night and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Granted, I don't have the original issues to compare, but the entire book looks like it fits, and they do reprint the covers from the reprint Baxter series from the 80's and you can definitely see how Adam's inking style had changed on those covers alone back then.

Nothing in the GL/GA book done like those Deadman pages. Wow!