Monday, August 20, 2007


Here's a little something that's totally unrelated to comic books or pop culture, but it kind of pisses me off.

Whenever I read a message board post or a blog entry and I hit an "IMHO," I want to scream. But I don't, since that would wake the children.

I avoid the internet abbreviations as much as possible in general, but I find "IMHO" to be an atrocity. That's right: an atrocity.

At what point should you ever need to qualify your statements with a "In My Humble Opinion"? We all KNOW it's your opinion, because YOU were the one who wrote it. You don't have to say "IMHO Stephen King is a great writer," or "Tony Danza is underrated, IMHO." What the hell does "IMHO" add to your statement except to say that you are expressing your opinion weakly and maybe we shouldn't pay any attention to it? Just come out and state your opinions, and maybe even provide reasons to support them, but don't ever, ever waste your time typing the I, the M, the H, and the O.

"IMHO" sucks the life out of the world. Don't fall prey to it.


Marc Caputo said...

IIRC, Timothy, chat acronyms R a part of pop culture. Also, they R 4 U 2 use so that 1 can quickly flame some 1 else's comments.


Seriously, though, what did you think of my suggestion to your post to my blog?

I think there's some promise there, IM..I mean, if I do say so my dman self!

Marc Caputo said...

2 things:

I mispelled "damn". I know this.

I've noticed that most of your blogs are done around the witching hour. It's great being a dad, isn't it? That's when I get all my reading, writing, watching and listening done - after the wife and kids are in La-La land.

Jeremy said...

Alternately, perhaps we should make a concerted effort to destroy the world by sucking the life out of it via continued overuse of this acronym.

Sounds like a good plan, IMO.

(Not humble, sorry)