Friday, July 06, 2007

Raging Bullets: S. T. I. O. F.

Raging Bullets a DC Comics-centered podcast has a special interview this week with guess who? ME! I know, you probably can't believe it, but here's another example of me Setting The Internet On Fire! Anyway, this particular podcast is over three hours long, but my interview only takes up about 45 minutes total. They spend the rest of the time mostly talking about the Sinestro Corps book, which I haven't even read yet, since I'm just recovering from vacation and trying to catch up on two weeks worth of comic book goodness.

In my Raging Bullets interview I talk about stuff like the not-so-secret origin of the Grant Morrison book, my perspective on realism vs. heroic romanticism, and what kind of superhero I would be (or something like that--I forget the exact question that led down that path). Basically, it's another must-listen interview, and I'm sure the rest of the podcast is great too, although obviously, I'm behind on my podcast listening as well (and really, I've never really listened to any podcasts other than Collected Comics Library once in a while--but now that I'm being interviewed all over time and space, I've begun to turn into a podcastfanatic [when I have time, which is not often, honestly]).

I turn up about 12 minutes into the podcast, in case you're in a hurry, and the direct link is right here: Raging Bullets Podcast Featuring a 45-minute interview with ME!


Molly said...

That podcast link is actually just a link to a picture of their logo.

Timothy Callahan said...

It's all fixed now. Click on the link to get hours of geeky goodness.