Saturday, July 28, 2007

Grant Morrison's Final Crisis

This isn't completely shocking, since Morrison claimed to be working on the big crossover event for 2008, but it's been confirmed at San Diego.


Yes. That is very good news. Not just because that means I can look forward to a good story, but because Morrison isn't going to use the event to get rid of the multiverse (which he obviously adores) or add a dose of "realism" (which he hates).

Here's what we can expect: a fun, cosmic, apocalyptic, symbolic Silver Age-style imaginative romp, maybe with more than a bit of the Kirbyesque.

Here's what we can be safe NOT to expect: Superman crying, heroes slowly dying of cancer, pointless rape, governmental registration of super-heroes, bad dialogue, everyone turning out to be a Manhunter, neon green ink, stupidity.

I'm sure Morrison will have some things to say, at least some hints, this weekend, but for now, at least we can read what artist J. G. Jones has to say: Final Crisis should be good.

UPDATED TO ADD: This comes from Newsarama: "Morrison said it would have Anthro the First Boy on the first page, and Kamandi the Last Boy on the last page." Yeah, that sounds like a suitably epic time span. And, Kamandi!


ATOM-HOTEP said...

That last quote just tears me up inside. Why in God's name is it still 2007? Can't they skip four or 5 months of Countdown and get this started early? I am beyond excited for this, if it is one fourth as good as Seven Soldiers I don't even think I could handle it.

Marc Caputo said...

I also hope that we can get a crossover that:

1. gets its story told INSIDE the mini with no plot-points occuring outside.

2. ONE,ONE,ONE,ONE,ONE artist only - and no 17 inkers.

3. relatively monthly shipping.

As I think about it, this really will be the most in-your-face Morrison I've ever experienced - I read his JLA in tpb and I came on to X-Men in the last arc. With all of the x-overs/event comics of the last 4 years being newsworthy, this could be Morrison's turn in the mainstream media spotlight. Hope he's ready for it and doesn't pull a LiLo.