Monday, December 13, 2010

Sketchblog Week 4: Alex Raymond Will Wait

Each week, I spend one hour a day sketching, building up a set of skills that should, we all hope, show improvement over a one-year period. Sometimes I'll draw by copying comic book artists, sometimes I'll draw from life, sometime I'll draw from how-to books, and other times, I'll just sketch with whatever is at hand. This is WEEK FOUR of a 52 week experiment to see how well I can learn how to draw.

This week got the best of me, and I did very little sketching. I don't have anything to show off, though I did study and copy about half a dozen Alex Raymond drawings from "Flash Gordon." But since I want to spend more time with Alex Raymond, and get into his "Rip Kirby" stuff too, I will make this a two-week session with Raymond. Me and Alex Raymond for 14 days, some of which will be spent sketching! Look for some of my attempts next Monday.


Guglie said...

can't wait pal!

Mr. D said...

Tim, I just stumbled onto your blog through a few link clicks from "Comics Should Be Good". I'm so excited to find a project like you are undertaking. Things feel very homey here as an educator with a sketchblog that learned a lot from the "Draw Comics the Marvel Way".

January 1st of last year I realized that instead of constantly filling notebooks with sketches and drawings I was letting the creative well run dry. As of today I'm 13 days away from having posted a picture/doodle everyday of 2010.
I'm still no pro but things definitely got easier throughout the year.

Man do I wish I had thought about things more in the beginning and taken a more serious focused approach like you are doing. I knew I liked what a I saw here, but when I noticed you posted the around the same time I do, after midnight on a school night, I knew I would be coming back for the rest of the year.

Look forward to seeing where things go here!