Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Geniusboy Live Episode 6

Have you ever noticed how comic book trends directly mimic cinematic trends from ten years before? Ryan and I have, and we discuss the theory, among many, many other things, in the newest episode of Geniusboy Live On Demand Radio.

Episode 6, along with all of our other brilliant episodes, is available on our podcast page at: geniusboylive.podomatic.com

This new episode is our longest episode to date, and we pretty much cover everything you would want to know about Parker Lewis Can't Lose poetry, why No Country for Old Men is good, and some wrestling guy that Ryan is in love with, plus oh so much more. Listen and learn.


Marc Caputo said...

"No Country..." tied for most Oscar nominations. Is this the year we get paid for that rook-job in 1997 when "The English Patient" stole the statue from "Fargo"? I mean, come on, they got screenplay, but not cinematography? How hard is it to film sand? They did it 35 years earlier in friggin' "Lawrence of Arabia"!

Also, I admit defeat. Busiek is leaving "Superman", thereby destroying my hopes of a comeback and a run to rival "Avengers, v.3"


Timothy Callahan said...

I hate The English Patient even more than Forrest Gump. Stupid Academy.

I hope the Coens and PT Anderson win everything.

Well, the recent Insect Queen storyline had been so crappy that I dropped Superman this month anyway. Busiek was just not doing anything interesting. Any word on who's taking over the book?

Marc Caputo said...

No word, but Johns said that they were going to try to sync the Superman books more this year. with him off Booster Gold in a few, maybe him? I'd be down with that if they kept the tones different. Superman should be about developing the character through the stories and his close supporting cast, while Action should chronicle his interaction (no pun intended) with the DCU. It doesn't have to be slavish, but that's a good rule of thumb for me.

The solicits are up on Newsarama and there's lots of interesting stuff and DC's beginning to chop off some dead limbs (the Classified books - can the Confidentials and Superman/Batman be next?)

Also, I'm a member of the Fantagraphics 20/20 club and I get their publishers' catalog. Comics Journal 292 is going to have a sit-down with Morrison about his work from X-Men til now. Can't wait.

Elliott said...

This was excellent.

Ryan reminds me of Jon Benjamin a bit. I can't tell you why exactly.

My favorite wrestler of the year was Matt Classic.

My mind barely contains thoughts anymore.